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Kids Classes

Fun learning while playing

Does your child get an "A" in Spanish but is not fluent when speaking?


Select the best package of weekly classes that best suits the student's needs

  • Fun and dynamic method that motivates the student to communicate in Spanish


  • We use a variety of resources and games that stimulate the 5 senses, allowing the child to maintain attention throughout the session and learn the lesson.

  • The content is taught in segments of 10 min.

Sessions of maximum 2 students

Online or face-to-face

woman teaching girl_edited.jpg


We offer help with Spanish homework and preparation for school exams.

Individual sessions

 online or face-to-face

Learning languages with us is like playing a game

Since 1983 we have taught language to 3rd generation

we are proud to teach the offspring of our  first students who came in the eighties

Kids at home in the summer?

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